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travel agency in MDCreative Escapes Travel is a boutique travel agency in MD that provides you with the personal service and attention you deserve. It is also online based which means that I can fulfill all of your travel needs no matter where you live or where you want to travel.  Through e-mail, phone calls and text messages, you will gain an intimate and personal travel experience even if I am unable to meet you face-to-face. Travel consists of airfare, train tickets, cruises, day trips, destination weddings, honeymoons, family reunions, car rentals, romantic get-aways, anniversary trips, girls weekends, ski trips, all-inclusive packages and more! If you are contemplating any type of travel, Creative Escapes Travel is the agency for you.

It is my priority to offer you a rewarding, relaxing vacation with a stress-free planning experience. My job is to spend countless hours that go into working out the fine details of a trip. I refer to every vacation as a “little slice of Heaven” and consider it something that everyone should be fortunate enough to experience.

As I stated above, Creative Escapes Travel’s commitment is to provide each and every client with a stress-free planning experience. I spend my time hand-selecting and promoting the best travel deals, destinations and packages for my clients, which I base on the amount of traveling that I have done. Having a hands-on experience truly makes all the difference when it comes to picking locations, resorts, time of year to travel, etc. When all is said and done, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to pack in your suitcase.

Need a break? Creative Escapes Travel, a highly-rated travel agency in MD, would be delighted to plan your next magical escape. Visit the “Hire Me” page so we can get started on your next memorable vacation!