Traveling Tropical: A Packing Checklist for Vacation

packing checklist for vacation

I get asked this question pretty often: what should I bring on vacation?   On a typical trip, you’re limited to two pieces of luggage per person (at no additional cost (depending on your mode of transportation and their rules)) and you’ll want to pack effectively for your week of bliss!  Let’s get started…

You’ve pulled out your two pieces of luggage and can’t imagine how you’re going to fit everything in?  Start by rolling all of your clothing items for two reasons: 1) it maximizes space and 2) decreases wrinkles when you unpack at your destination.  You’ve got that ONE piece of clothing that is a doosey?  Don’t forget a travel sized bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release because let’s face it, who wants to iron on vacation?  Not to mention there’s probably no iron available, if you need something ironed it will cost a trillion dollars and again, who wants to iron on vacation LOL!?

Things are coming along slowly but surely… what should my attire be during the day?  I’ve made this mistake time and time again and always kick myself when I get home and have extra laundry to do:  PACK LIGHT.  Outfits during the day should be kept simple: bathing suit, cover-up, sunnies and sandals/flip flops.  If you’re a guy: v-neck or tank, swim trunks, sunnies and sandals/flip-flops (stay away from the Velcro fellas!)  Let’s face it, the less clothing the better when the beautiful, hot sun is beating down on you.  To be safe, throw in ONE outfit per 7-day stay just in case there’s a day of bad weather.

If you’re a gym junkie and plan on making use of the fabulous resort or cruise fitness centers, don’t forget tennis shoes, socks and gym clothes.  If you’re really going to RELAX on vacation, leave the gym stuff behind 😉

Daytime was really simple huh?  How about nights?  You head back to your room after a long day in the sun and it’s time to get gussied up for the nightly entertainment.  Pack one fancy/adorable/sexy outfit for the nightlife, complete with shoes and accessories.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement on vacation, folks!  These people will probably never see you again!  Pack something you wouldn’t wear at home…  If you can, try to wear the same pair of heels 2x per 7-night stay so that you only need to bring 3 or so pair of heels.  Skip the matching purses ladies, and stick to an envelope clutch big enough for your room key, cell phone/camera for pictures and your lipstick to freshen up.  Accessories are always great on vacation because they really pop on your tan skin~

Last but not least, in the horrific, OFF CHANCE event that your luggage is lost, throw an extra outfit and bathing suit in your carry-on so that you are set for at least one day of vacation.  You can spend the day forgetting your bags haven’t been delivered and embracing all that your amazing vacation has to offer!

To recap:

  • Downy Wrinkle Release (liquid)
  • Bathing suits/swim trunks
  • Cover-ups
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Flip-Flops
  • Gym Clothes (Outfits/Tennis shoes/SOCKS)
  • Evening outfits
  • Matching shoes
  • Accessories
  • Envelope clutch to go with most outfits
  • Camera
  • Toiletries
  • Perfume/Cologne

Additionally, here are a few other things I recommend bringing:

  • Tylenol (or pain reliever)
  • Tide pen
  • Extra sunscreen (its 10x more expensive on vacation)
  • Sun burn relief cream
  • Hair tools (flat iron/curling iron/blow dryer (Nearly all rooms have blow dryers but their power is often poor, so bring your own to maximize primping time)
  • Extra pair of sunglasses (just in case you had too much fun on the party cruise excursion!)
  • Chapstick, WITH sunscreen
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Inexpensive snorkel gear from Target/Walmart (skip the rental fee and know its germ free!)
  • Anti-itch cream (humid climate = bugs)

And, if you’re cruising, add the following to your list:

  • Dramamine or Sea Band
  • Power strip (to ensure you have enough plugs for all electronics)
  • Wine with a screw bottle top (efficient way to store the wine once it’s opened)


Sunshine & Smiles, Brittany

How to Plan Your Dream Vacation

Planning your dream vacation is easy if you first create it in your imagination.  Sometimes as adults, we forget to use our imagination.  Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is  more important than knowledge,”  so let your imagination run wild.  Forget about logic, budgets, itineraries or dates, quiet your mind, close your eyes and see where your imagination takes you.

Think about “time travel” which is analogous to traveling between two points in space.  Let your mind wander to different countries, cultures, places.  Think about things like the seasons, your favorite way to travel, who you are with…  Take in the sights around you, the smells, the food, the clothing and culture. Spend about 30 minutes to an hour just imagining your dream vacation.

Then once you’re done, open your eyes, pull out a notebook or journal and start taking notes about your visions.  It’s important to keep a journal and take notes right afterwards because sometimes, just like our dreams at night, we forget. In your imagination, were you in Paris at the Eiffel Tower or on a Safari in Africa?  Maybe you were lying on the beach in Hawaii drinking a Strawberry Colada. Perhaps you were traveling across the great Mid-West on a train.

This is not an exercise in logic, this is an exercise in tapping into your subconscious mind where dreams often lie dormant.  Once you have some ideas about where you want to go on your dream vacation, fill out my questionnaire and leave all the details and work to me!  I’ll find you the best deal out there.

Let’s make your dreams, your reality.