1) What is the average response time once I contact Creative Escapes Travel?

I will always contact you within 24 hours.

2) How do I inquire about booking a vacation with Creative Escapes Travel?

Visit the Contact page for contact details.

3) How do I learn about specials through Creative Escapes Travel?

There are three ways you can learn about travel specials:

  1. You can visit Creative Escapes Travel Twitter page.
  2. You can “like” my Facebook page where I frequently update hot travel deals!
  3. You can send me an e-mail stating you are interested in a weekly list highlighting current travel promotions. 

4) Why do you charge a $50.00 Research & Customization fee? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for you?

The reason for charging a Research & Customization fee, is that there are plenty of details that have to be worked out in order to cater to a specific vacation package. This results in endless hours of researching, data collecting and e-mailing back and forth with my clients.  

The $50.00 fee guarantees that you are an active client of mine, endless customizations for your trip and 100% satisfaction before booking. It is a win-win situation for you, because once you book through Creative Escapes Travel, the $50.00 is applied towards your vacation package. Think of the fee as a down payment…

For me, the $50.00 is a guarantee of getting paid for the hours of research for your particular vacation package whether you book with Creative Escapes Travel or another fabulous travel company. Unfortunately, there are cases in which I’ve spent hours researching and data collection for clients, and they’ve booked elsewhere with the details I provided. 

5) I am a returning client, do I have to pay the $50.00 Research & Customization fee and fill out the Client Questionnaire?

Yes, you have to pay the Research & Customization fee.  This is always the first step in planning a vacation with Creative Escapes Travel.

No, you do not have to fill out the client questionnaire if I already have you set up as a client in my system.  Simply send over an e-mail or give me a call to let me know that you are interested in planning another trip.

6) I am booking with a group, is each person responsible for paying the $50.00 Research & Customization fee?

No. In my experience, when working with groups, there is one person who is “dubbed” the leader of collecting vacation details and relaying those details back to all those who are interested. Whoever contacts me to start the vacation planning process will be responsible for paying the $50.00 fee. Per usual, upon booking, the $50.00 will be applied towards the vacation package of the person who paid the fee. 

7) Is there a limit of how many changes I can make to my trip prior to booking?

No, the options are endless. I will not stop working for you until you feel 100% satisfied. 

8) I found the same exact trip, for a cheaper price. Do you offer a price match guarantee?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will get the same exact price that you may see on another website or from another travel agency. Often when there is a price difference, there are certain portions (i.e. transportation to and from the airport, rental car, taxes, etc.) of the trip that are not included in the lower price that you are seeing. However, I will do my best to get as close to the lower price as possible, and I will always offer an explanation for the price difference – don’t hesitate to ask!